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Being a student during COVID

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

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For me COVID hit during part of my second year at university and luckily it was at the start of a new collaborative project with Fatmeh Mahmoud a mixed media artists who is influenced by fine art and photography - a project titled 'Descendants of Diaspora'. Starting this new project as the start of COVID had meant that we wouldn't have to change our work to adjust to the new circumstances, it meant that we worked be able to work around it. However this process of going from seeing each other in person to develop ideas to only have virtual calls was strange and unexpected. Honestly it was slightly irritating as it was our first ever collaborative project that we finally had the chance to do through our course. Completing this project through the pandemic did mean that both of really developed and discovered new skills of communication; not just between us and how we work together, but in how presented our work and showcased our ideas revolving around diasporic identities. Reflecting on the first lockdown and with time, I realise that I either rediscovered or discovered new artistic skills that go beyond just taking photos, which has been a really valuable skill - but I did miss working with people on shoots.

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During the first lockdown I always thought that this would only effect my second year of university, I didn't expect it to impact my third year to the point where I wouldn't return to university and just study from home. During this time I was really determined to find new ways to stay creative as well as finding more creative opportunities. This is something that was really important to me because I felt like I lost a lot of time to find creative opportunities because of COVID and I soon realised that there were still many available online/ virtually. Despite this, it doesn't meant that lockdown has been better and I was really looking forward to normal life; yet taking part in various creative ventures such as working for Anisha Parmar and Asian Woman Festival has kept me busy during these lockdowns, where we have a lot of time. Taking part in this has also helped improve my creative and content skills further to prepare myself more and more for the industry, especially as I graduated this year.

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