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Asian Woman Festival

SHERNI, Asian Woman Festival logo designed by the talented Zoe Harveen Kaur

Check out my of Zoe’s stunning illustrations here:

I came across Asian Woman Festival on Instagram during 2019 after their first live event. What I love is not just the welcoming community that they have created for various south Asian women and creatives; but how they use their platform to provide opportunities for south Asian women to grow, whilst “smashing stereotypes and stigma to empower and celebrate Asian Women through culture, art and conversation”. Asian Woman Festival was found by the lovely Shani Dhanda, who “is a business and culture change agent, social entrepreneur and disability rights advocate”. She also created The Diversability Card, which is the UK’s first official discount card for disabled people.

Working Shani as well as all the amazing women behind Asian Woman Festival has been an incredible experience so far. I have been lucky enough to be working with people who are welcoming, passionate and hardworking at bring authentic representation to the south Asian community. A community of women who truly can understand my own creative, project and passion for my Tamil heritage and culture. They worked together to create and grow a space for so many south Asians, something that is needed in a world that majority white run. It’s part of the reason why I love working with the team, knowing you’re doing something that really benefits so many south Asian creatives.

My role is working as a content creative to highlight more amazing south Asian women to write and tell their stories of identity, mental health and many other important topics. Whilst also working as a creative content intern, I also had the chance to get involved with planning their first ever virtual event and work on creating the virtual pack - to beautifully highlight the importance and power of putting yourself first through visuals.

Here’s an image of the cover below!

All quotes from Asian Women Festival Website.

You can read more about Asian Woman Festival here:

Check out more of their amazing work on their Instagram:

Check out the blog piece I did for Asian Woman Festival:

Math x

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