When I was given the opportunity to have studio space for day from Collaborate (@cdotlab - a black founded platform), knowing the nature of the platform and everything that they were trying to do, which is give creatives spaces to create projects, especially those of a POC background, for me it only made sense that I utilised this opportunity to do the same. I wanted to work with up and coming fashion designers from different heritages/ ethnicities to build a concept together that’s something fresh and exciting. To do something different and bring together the lived experience of three insanely talented designers. Together we worked virtually to build up a concept that best reflects all their collections with of course POC models who wore the beautiful pieces. Working with so many black and brown creatives to bring this project to life was rare but beautiful.



“The result of being South Asian in a western society is like two worlds colliding. Through the use of print and surface work, “Collision” explores elements of South Asian heritage combined with western garment style, making it contemporary to the modern world that is all about embracing the culture within second-generation immigrants.” - Vashanthiya Varan @vashanthiyavaran  


“My graduate collection called ‘Adire Ogun’ is about the End Sars movement (a protest against police brutality and misconduct) that happened in Nigeria last year. I felt powerless, so I decided to express myself through my craft. I decided to create clothing for a new kind of movement. A movement that will protect the civilians from the everyday police abuse in Nigeria, a movement inspired by the black panther movement. I dyed and processed donated fabrics and dead stock fabrics that I found during my internship at Tommy Hilfiger but also to create Adire “tie-dye” which is a traditional Nigerian dyeing technique. I also got inspired by traditional Yoruba attire with military details to create my silhouettes.” - Joy Julius @joyjulius__ 


“My designs are focused on the narrative of a tourist and how we stereotype the foreigner today- striving to create a brand that would marriage western modernity and cultural heritage - a reflection of my Nepali British duality. Creating clothing and accessories for the modern bohemians, using sustainably sourced and traditional Nepali fabrications, I aim to deliver products with a result of ease and simplicity. With a constant reflection of societal issues in the UK and Nepal, the collections will narrate unheard-of stories to educate, empower and learn.” - Rojhana Lama @rojhanalamastudio



Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos x C.LAB @cdotlab - showcasing the talent of upcoming POC creatives, based in London. 


Photographer - Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos

Designers - Joy Julius @joyjulius__ ; Rojhana Lama @rojhanalamastudio ; Vashanthiya Varan @vashanthiyavaran  


Styling - Joy Julius @joyjulius__ ; Rojhana Lama @rojhanalamastudio ; Vashanthiya Varan @vashanthiyavaran ; Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos

Make Up - Karishma Leckraz @yasitskrishy 

Make Up Assistant - Vashanthiya Varan @vashanthiyavaran 

Models - Sarah Haly @sarah_haly ; Roger PL Singaraj @roger.plsingaraj ; Adeeb Abdul Razak @adeebabdulrazak ; Karishma Leckraz @yasitskrishy