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Break The Bias - #IWD2022

Stills from RESILIENCE RESIDES - sneak peek clip here!

For this year International Woman's Day event celebrating #breakthebias, I had the chance to shoot something special with my Amma (mum), showcasing the beauty of Tamil women and our culture, history and heritage, which is something we always do collaboratively for my work. In these short and sweet moments I was able to celebrate the strength and resilience of our relationship. My amma has made a massive contribution to not just raising me and helping me become the woman I am today - through this incredible video we commemorate this.

Directed by @irenebaque

Produced by @producedbygreta

DOP @henrylockyer_dop

Edit @jo_is_editing@okaystudio

Colourist @timotheous@no8ldn

Sound design + music @matiaspepe_

Set design @finderskeepersbcn

Styling @alexandraarmenteras

Graphic design

AC @aaidagarciavega

HMU @chiha0313

See the beautiful team of talent in the full video too:


Full film here!

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