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Descendants of Diaspora

During our second year of university, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in my course and I chose to work with with Fatmeh Mahmoud - a mixed media artists who is influenced by fine art and photography. We both were immediately drawn to this complex idea of identity due to our powerful interest in the subject; and it’s influence within who we are as artists and our work itself. This is something we wanted to explore further

through the representation of various different cultures and people within our social world, to this we drew from the artistic techniques we were able to learn from each other. However this was also a chance for us to work with many up and coming artists who have faced struggles with representation and racism; but creatives who also wanted to bring their culture, heritage and history to light within this body of work.

These are just a few photos from the project that reflect not only different people of various heritages but also give this sense of togetherness through the black and white effect, which was inspired by Fatmeh’s style of working with black and white film.

This project has not only been a great way to learn from various artists but to also connect with and understand those who have experienced similar types of struggles, that we have faced as an artist. But an opportunity to keep bring together more and more people who can understand, to bring more representation to them and their own heritage through art.

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Photography by me ©

Math x

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