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Anisha Parmar London

Her latest collection for Valentine’s// Galentine’s Day (with more necklaces dropping for this weekend only) ♥️

I briefly spoke about Anisha’s unique and south Asian inspired work in a blog post called, The Perfect Diwali Gifts (where I mentioned her amazing Diya Collection, released for Diwali 2020), something I still stand by today, as she creates remarkable pieces that strongly reflect her Indian culture, history and heritage. Her work isn’t just about the aesthetics of South Asian culture, but the sentiment and values of Indian culture she has been influenced and surround by since her childhood. It’s part of the reason why I love working with her. She is fellow south Asian creative that can truly understand the passion and care I have for my Tamil culture, within and outside of my projects, as she has the same passion, authenticity and drive about including her Indian heritage and history within her work.

Let’s appreciate how cute and how much of model Raja, working the gold and rose gold Valentines day heart necklaces 😍

I reached out to her because I always thought her pieces had this impressive twist of cultures; which is of course her Indian heritage and history, whilst touching on some more westernised elements as she grew up in London; something I found was really relatable. Even before working with her and getting to know her brand on more personal perspective, it was already clear from just seeing her Instagram how much love, joy and energy she puts into her craft to create these sentimental pieces. However I haven’t just been lucky to hear about and work with the brand’s from Anisha first hand; I have also been able to learn so many valuable lessons from her too. Lessons such as important of a creative website, how make it really stand out and included content that has never been seen before. I feel that whilst helping her brand, she helping me grow and work on myself in perfect time for industry opportunities; something I’m very grateful for.

You can read more about Anisha’s creative process and buy her stunning pieces at:

You can also buy pieces from her Valentine’s Day 2021 collection here:

Handcrafted jewellery// styling by Anisha

Check out more of Anisha’s work on their Instagram:

Anisha also wrote this beautiful blog touching on her creative, how lockdown has impact her and importance of self love in difficult times like this, you can read more here:

Math x

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