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MESA Creatives

During my creative journey, something that I love is having the opportunity to work with and meet some really talented creatives, who have such an compelling and original way of thinking, creating, and producing art. These are just a few artists/ creatives that I love.

I met Shahfaq through MESA magazine (, a magazine that celebrates Middle Eastern and south Asian arts, culture, fashion and much more. When I came across Shahfaq’s photography and project work, I was immediately in awe of her talent. Her ability to capture people of various backgrounds and heritages, in many numerous and diverse environments. Her take on editorial and fashion photography is very distinctive and memorable compared to the work of many others. I love that she’s managed to find and create her own style.

Photography work by Shahfaq

Check out more of Shahfaq’s work on her Instagram:

I met Fatmeh through my Photography BA course at Camberwell College of Arts. However I had the opportunity to learn about her and her creative work when we collaborated on a project during our second year of university titled, “Descendants of Diaspora” ( A project reflecting on our joint interest, identity and the stories about heritage through various people and creatives we had met. Fatmeh’s work often consists of various film work but she also has a fine art background; work that consists of various materials. This is something that I love about her, she isn’t just a photographer, she’s an incredible and authentic multimedia artist. Fatmeh has a really strong interest in marble painting and often creative individual and one of a kind pieces, pieces that are visually enticing but also the perfect aesthetically pleasing addition to a home. Her portrait photography ability and style is also stunning; whilst managing to capture people beautifully and at their best through candid moments.

Digital marble painting scans by Fatmeh

Photography by Fatmeh Check out more of Fatmeh’s work on her Instagram:

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