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Brands, brands, brands...

1) Kulfi Beauty, founded by Priyanka Ganjo.

"Kulfi is the result of my journey rediscovering the joy in makeup for myself and reclaiming my beauty for myself. It is an ode to the girl growing up in Delhi spending summers eating kulfi and to the woman I am today. "

You can see more here!

2) Megan Mykhael Hernandez "is a California girl living in London who loves fashion, creativity, designing, and aesthetics."

Megan Mykhael Hernandez believes in creating authentic garments of substance and making the wearer feel beautiful and ready to take on the world.

You can see more here!

3) Esmy Jewellery "is a London-based contemporary jewellery brand that explores cross-cultural elements through visual forms of jewellery."

"Inspired by the threads of her Tamil roots, she creates modern heirlooms that are handmade from recycled precious metals and beautiful gemstones."

You can see more here!

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