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Talented Tamil Illustrators

Mango People

Mango People Illustration by Nithya

Nithya is a Tamil illustrator based in Singapore, who is dedicated to passionately and constantly creating unique and vibrant pop art style illustrations purely centred around Tamil culture and the Kollywood industry/ Indian film industry. One project that I love is centred around “bad boss females from Indian history and cinema”, titled Bad Ponnu (which means daughter in Tamil). She uses her creativity talent and this incredible idea to bring more and more attention/ authentic representation to strong women within the south Asian film industry, that doesn’t strongly represent women enough.

However I was first drawn to her work due to her take on Tamil culture which is very different from my own; but very genuine and unique regardless. I featured this particular illustrations because of what it means within Tamil culture - which is “a symbol of abundance and wisdom”. This is something that is symbolic used within festivals and celebrations; it’s also something that I use to symbolises Hinduism within Tamil culture, in my project called மரபுகள் meaning “Traditions”.

All quotes from Nithya’s Instagram and website.

Check out more of Nithya’s work her Instagram:

Check out more of Nithya’s work on her website:


ShaumyArt Illustrations by Shaumya

Shaumya is also another Tamil illustrator of many talents, from creating many custom beautiful framed pieces to her own custom tote bags. Many of her recent and various illustrative pieces use detailed black ink and occasionally with some colour; something completely different to Nithya’s work but I do love the simplicity of her pieces. When I came across Shaumya, I was very much drawn to this particular piece because of it strong reference to Sri Lanka as well as representing an aspect of the Sri Lankan civil war through drawing a tiger; which is something that I often refer to when speaking about my parents history within many of my projects.

Check out more of Shaumya’s work her Instagram:

Check out more of Shaumya’s work on her website:

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