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South Asian Fashion Designer Inspirations


AMESH Designs by Amesh Wijesekera

Photography by Ryan Wijayaratne

Amesh Wijesekera is London born and based, Sri Lankan designer, who is dedicated to passionately and constantly work alongside the skilled craftsman and women across Sri Lanka including artisan communities of knitwear, crochet, and handloom, to create these stunning colourful and handcrafted with love textile pieces. Through his brand and work, he has also created a collaborative community that draws from his heritage through craftsmanship and contemporary design knowledge, thus working together to create something unexpected and unique with each collection. What I love about the brand ethics is that they strongly celebrate and embrace diversity, cultural fusion, individuality and a sense of freedom within each design.

However beside these the authentic and impressive designs, I was drawn to Amesh’s designs because of the creative process and how very involved he is with the actually make of the fabrics by travelling to Sri Lanka; there is a strong sense of collaboration. I of course was also drawn to how he takes inspiration from his heritage to create such pieces, something that I do too; but he also use his brand and platform to bring more and more equal and genuine representation to south Asians of various skins tones. Something that there is never enough of.

Check out more of Ryan’s work his Instagram:

Check out more of Amesh’s work on his shop with No Borders:

Check out more of Amesh’s work on his Instagram:

TKC Designs Inc

TKC Designs Inc. by Taranjit (Taran) Cheema

Photography by Georgie Lawson

Something that I think is important and needs to change within the fashion industry is the lack of representation of South Asian designers; something that these designers are doing with designs that they have created. However what I really love about Taran’s distinctive designs that I feel are a fusion of South Asian heritage and westernised culture, is that some her pieces breaks stereotypes that’s south Asian women facing when it’s comes to clothing, something that is essential within and outside of the south Asian community. Taran’s designs are strongly influenced “by color and rich textures, with the hopes to inspire a movement of endless possibilities and made to empower women”. A message that I was drawn to, as well the sentimental touches she included within her work by having her grandma and mother involved within her work.

Check out more of Georgie’s work on her Instagram:

Check out more of Taran’s work on her website:

Check out more of Taran’s work on her Instagram:

All quotes from Taran’s website.

Math x

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