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My Industry Experiences

As an up and coming photographer, something that has always been just as important to me as my creative growth, process and skills, is putting myself and my creative skills out there for the various creative industries to see. This journey and process isn’t something that happens over night, it’s something has taken a few years so far and is still an on going journey. But in this time I’ve been lucky enough to work with various industries and brands such as Graduate Fashion Week, Anisha Parmar London and Asian Woman Festival. Check my website to see links to these works.

These opportunities are something that weren’t handed to me, but something I worked for and wanted. Each of these industries differ from each other. I have and still am learning so many new creative skills as well learning how to grow my photography brand and work.

What I love about each of these opportunities is that they are unique, challenging and majority of the time full of women, hard to find when many industries are male dominated.

Now on to some tips and tricks:

  1. Reach out and put yourself and your work out there - for a few of my experiences, I reached out over Instagram and email with a copy of my CV. Don’t wait out on various companies and brands to ask for interns, but be the one to ask and show initiative

  2. Perfect your CV - even this year this aspect was a learning curve. The creative industry works differently and want to see your creative straight away so apply your skills when creating a CV. But don’t forget it needs to have professional format, so don’t over do it!

  3. Networking - one of the most important and biggest tools that can help you grow as a creative and something you can do through attending events and galleries; you never know who you might meet.

  4. Collaborating - another great to network but to also work with some really talented creative out there; people with unique experiences and mindsets can also have a great impact on your creativity

  5. Social Media - this is still something I’m working on myself but regularly posting and creating content helps you grow and shows the industry that you’re constantly creating, that you are passionate

  6. Website - for some time I even put off making a site because I thought it would be tedious. But it is so important, especially if you want to come across as a professional when applying for work in the industry.

These tips and tricks are something I have based on my personal experiences, it doesn’t have to be something you follow but maybe something to consider.

I also spoke more about my experiences over on Asian Woman Festival:

Photography by me ©

Math x

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