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How I edit my photos

According to BeFunky “photo editing is the art of enhancing an image to make it look more like what you saw with your eyes. While digital cameras are great tools, capable of capturing a myriad of images, they're also notorious for producing muted colors, low contrast, and off-balanced lighting”; this is statement that I agree with and summarises why I think editing is key and essentially to photography; however editing is also a powerful tool that some take advantage of and aid certain unrealistic beauty standards, especially within the publication industry.

To edit my photos, I always use Lightroom, to edit the colours and the lighting rather than photoshop (photoshop is something that I tend to use when I want to take something out of the background, essentially for imperfections); however when shooting with models I don’t like to over edit photos, as I don’t like putting out this message of perfection that already exists within the beauty industry; as I feel that ‘flaws’ should be consider beautiful rather imperfections. However for my Instagram I have a go to filter to accommodate the aesthetic that I have developed for my page; something that I feel adds to my style of photography. Below I’m going to show you an example of how I editing photos.

Here’s the unedited version of my image:

Here I have edited it a bit on Lightroom:

I have cropped, slightly increased the contrast, warmth and saturation

For Instagram I tend to edit and create a filter that fits my aesthetic on apps such as VSCO and Snapseed

Photography and editing by me ©

Math x


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