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Creating the Creative CV

Creative Business Logo, used for my CV as well as personal use, created by me ©

I briefly mention the importance of creating a artistic CV, in a previous post titled ‘My Industry Experience’, but I wanted to go into greater about how I created mine so that it is more tailored towards the industry. A perfect and completed CV is important as it can potentially be the only way to impress recruiters when applying for jobs online. CVs are valuable as they tend to be the first and maybe only direct communication with a potential employer. However with a creative CV, it is key to include your visual style and talents, as creative employers tend to think visual and want see your creative abilities.

Before this realisation, my CV was visual quite boring, in terms of creating something suited to the creative industry. However for non creative jobs, having a bullet pointed, black and white CV is completely acceptable. Previously before making editing and asking for advice, my CV wasn’t just bullet pointed, black and white; but also very overwhelming. This is because it was full of all the work experiences that I had completed and I had written in great detail what the job roles involved (some of this information was repetitive), so it was around four pages.

Key Tips

  • Only writing about the jobs and experiences that are relevant to the job you’re applying

  • You can right a very brief summary, around 1-2 lines about what the job involved, ensuring that your entire CV is only 2 pages

  • Look at various creative CV templates for inspiration, I would recommend looking on Pinterest to make use of the space of each page

  • Some inspiration examples, tend to include a portrait photos in the template, but I recommend a logo instead

  • Including only important and relevant contact and education details

Hope this helps!

Math x

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