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Sapna Patel, The Multimedia Artist

I met Sapna through networking on Instagram, when I was working my ஒருதீவிலிருந்துஒருநகரம் meaning “A city away from an Island” project. A important project, as this was my first step back into looking at Tamil culture, it was through this project I had final found my style, aesthetic and genuine passion for the work I create again. Sapna‘s creative styling skills, as well as her beautiful handcrafted jewellery pieces, played a big part in this discovery; something I am really grateful for. Since meeting we have been constantly collaborating together and shooting her stunning South Asian inspired jewellery; shoots that you see on mine and Sapna’s Instagrams; with Sapna working and multitasking as a skilled stylist, whilst creating so many diverse backdrops for each of shoots.

She is a creative of many talents, from creating striking south Asian inspired jewellery to hand drawn graphic hoodies. To me she is a gifted artist who is constantly creating, whilst studying fashion textiles and design BA at Middlesex. When I first saw her work, I thought her work is authentic and different; it even inspired me to create a few jewellery pieces for my own work and our collaborative shoots for, ஒருதீவிலிருந்துஒருநகரம் meaning “A city away from an Island”.

Jewellery Designs by Sapna

Styling by me, Shivani and Sapna

Check out more of Sapna’s work on her Instagram:

Photography by me ©

To more and more collaborations

Math x

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