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Keeping Creative in Lockdown!

It’s crazy to think that London has currently and officially gone into a second lockdown, which of course has impacted many aspects of financial growth and just living in general. But as a creative, when the first lockdown happened so suddenly during second year, you start value and realise the importance of being able to visits galleries, art shops and taking part in the workshop you’re provided with.

This also meant that we had to adjust to working and creating work within one environment, something that I know many creatives struggle with, especially when not having easy access to a studio space that’s outside of your home. Nevertheless this was a learning experience for me and I feel more prepared for this lockdown.

Staying productive

  1. One thing I realised with these lockdowns is the amount of time you have to work on the little things you’ve pushed aside, for me that was reworking, figuring out and posting more on my Instagram. It’s an important tool to help you grow as an artist but also recording your creative growth too.

  2. This period is also the perfect time to improve on skills, something I did by completing various creative courses on coursera - which has free courses as well some paid which are fairly affordable (£35-40).

  3. As a fashion photographer, I was limited in term of shooting and a lot of my work had become full of more still life work; so I took this opportunity to become more creative and go back to my fine art skills such as sculpture and painting to create pieces to shoot.

These are a few things that I did that contributed toward keeping creative as well as my creative career and progress.

Painting by me ©

Math x

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