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Creative Writing pt. 4

South Asian Sisters Speak is a platform that brings South Asian women together to share their experiences. This platform was created by two British south Asian woman - Sheetal and Shirin. Two woman who wanted to create a "community of British South Asian women who can connect through common experiences and interests; to foster a safe environment to share and support one another in navigating the highs and lows of sometimes conflicting and confusing cultural expectations and experiences", something I think has been successful and amazing so far. I had the chance to take part in their #PassTheMic, where I had the chance to talk about my Tamil heritage and importance of Tamil experience through my creative process.

Pardesi​ Blog was founded by Chief Coordinator Kaneeka Kapur in April 2020, just about a month into lockdown. She wanted to give all desi women a platform to express themselves, regardless of their following, backgrounds or reach. She felt that so many platforms exist for influencers and celebrities and constantly celebrate them and their achievements (something that doesn't full represent POC); being a south Asian woman herself she wanted to create a space for other south Asian across the world to voice the powerful things they have to say. Pardesi has become a thriving community of powerful women, that allows south Asian women to be their authentic selves. I was given the chance to showcase some unpublished photos (at the time) and speak about what it is like being a south Asian creative in London.

Feminism Around the World Zine is a collective, creative zine that's aims to highlight the intersectionality of feminism, showcase experiences from all over the world and drive change. I had that opportunity to contribute to the magazine with other amazing and talented women; a zine that featured so many dedicated and hardworking woman - you can see the entire zine here!

All links to read the articles I have written are in the titles - thank you to all these remarkable publications for showcasing my work, seeing them printed and featured has allowed to get my work out there and more whilst giving me the chance to understand my work through writing. Thank you so much for your support. Photography by me © Math x

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