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Creative Writing pt. 3

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Candiid Zine

Candiid Zine "is an online publication that seeks to create a space where marginalised genders and voices can share their thoughts and be uplifted". The Candiid team created this platform to bring authentic and genuine representation to black and POC creatives and people; compared to other publications that have only started to seek out writers that are seeking out Black or POC due to all the events that have been occurring since 2020. I had the chance to speak about embracing my heritage through my creative process to now seeing it as something beautiful. In this particular piece, I was actually able to reflect and think about previous photos that I took of Tolu Coker's show - a point where I actually started to slowly feel proud and happy with the photography work I was making.

Painted Faces, a name which was inspired by Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis (specifically “impression management”), is a resource to help you experiment with and nurture each of your selves: personal, social, and physical. Hence the name painted faces, as creatives we grow, change and constantly see different versions of ourselves/ of our “faces”. In this particular interview, I had the opportunity to reflect on how my creative process has grown and changed due to the pandemic. To become something that is more still life based and less fashion photography (just for the moment). I also spoke about where I've managed to find inspiration, something that I know some artists are struggling with because of the pandemic - something I struggled with in the first lockdown.

Antifragile Zine is a platform that "encapsulates what it means to be young and human", through embracing our imperfections and learning from our mistakes - they are a platform that represents the mental and physical growth of humans through highlighting and uplifting marginalisee, underrepresented voices and creatives of colour. They have created a safe and welcoming space for creatives to have a raw and strong artistic voice whilst also lifting them up. Antifragile gave me the opportunity to showcase my photography and speak briefly about who I am as an artist and person - they gave me the chance to showcase work that I am very proud that goes beyond Instagram.

All links to read the articles I have written are in the titles - thank you to all these beautiful publications for showcasing my work, seeing them featured has allowed to get my work out there more and more; whilst giving me the chance to understand my work through writing. Thank you so much for your support. Photography by me © Math x

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