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Creative Writing pt. 2

Bol by Anva is fresh and upcoming magazine platform by Alyssa Advano, who is a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design, where she worked hard and studied B.F.A in Fashion Marketing with minors in Business Entrepreneurship and Fashion Journalism. Alyssa is a person of global background but also a creative director, fashion journalist, stylist and fashion activist. What I loved about this particular interview was that I had chance to meet Alyssa (even though it was virtual) to really speak about my work and my passions - it gave me a new perspective and way of understanding my processes.

She has also some stunning posters you can check out here! -

The Big Sister Journal, "a platform for women to easily connect and collaborate with each other". The amazing purple vibes platform was founded back in January 2020 by co-founders Chandni and Kat. The Big Sister Journal is about self confidence and empowerment, whilst striving to educate and create awareness on political, socio economic and cultural topics. These incredible girls have created a community that is so welcoming by recognising so many talented woman from both black and South Asian heritages and backgrounds - they have created something that is quite "special" and unique, as they've never seen a platform that incorporates both cultures. It was a really great opportunity to really reflect on my recent work that I've created during the pandemic and how it has made me grow as an artist and person.

Your Local Newsstand "is an independent publishing group based in Singapore specialising in producing and publishing photography imprints" and was founded by Huda Azzis; who is a freelance creative film editor based in Singapore with over 10 years of experience in both short and long-form contents. Huda gave me the chance to speak about my photography and how my identity has become something that I have embraced and celebrated, through working with amazing south Asian creatives. What I really love most about this interview is actually being able to see how my work was recreated for it - it was interesting and beautiful to see Huda's creative take on my images.

Your Local Newsstand also has a cute and artsy shop that sells stunning photography postcards and portraits, you can check it out here! -

All links to read the articles I have written are in the titles - thank you to all these amazing publications for showcasing my work, seeing them featured has allowed to get my work out there; whilst giving me the chance to understand my work through writing. Thank you so much for your support.

Photography by me ©

Math x

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