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Creative Writing pt. 1

Serenity Magazine is a non-profit magazine and media platform for creatives, that fit in the category of Generation Z, whilst giving so many incredible talents creative freedom through accepting submissions that are poetry, short stories, articles, art, photography, song lyrics, videos, and more. Serenity Magazine actually gave me the opportunity to feature in their first printed issue, Daydream (which has been published and available to order); where I had the chance to talk about my inspirations and how I've progressed as a photographer, whlist embracing my identity.

Ruthless Magazine "emerged as a direct response to an industry that is failing its young people: our ambition is borne of necessity, not idealism" and has been created and founded by Ruby Bukhari. This piece, 'Brown and Beautiful' is something that I had the chance to submit for the 2020 collaboration between Ruthless Magazine and South Asian Heritage Month (which was an online virtual exhibition). South Asian Heritage Month is a platform that "celebrates and raises the profile of British South Asian history, arts, culture & heritage". This was such an amazing opportunity, as I was not only recognised by a really notable south Asian platform but also had the opportunity to come across other amazing south Asian creatives, through the virtual exhibition. Something that I am also really grateful to have taken part in, as with the multiple lockdowns I didn't think I would be able to get involved in exhibitions.

Stare Magazine is "an Independent South Asian Art, Fashion and Culture magazine creating conversations around social issues". I had a wonderful opportunity to feature in their second issue, which is the Generation Issue (something that you are able to buy now), as their "very talented and upcoming first gen Tamilian photographer". Where I had the chance to talk about my South Asian background/ Tamil heritage; something that I explore through the mix of fashion and culture through the lens which has helped define my style of creating. The Generation’s Issue "is focused on celebrating young South Asian content creators and discussion generational issues". It's incredible to be apart of yet another amazing magazine, where I am to see my work printed, something that is an phenomenal feeling.

All links to read the articles I have written are in the titles - thank you to all these incredible publications for showcasing my work, seeing them printed and featured has allowed to get my work out there and more whilst giving me the chance to understand my work through writing. Thank you so much for your support.

Photography by me ©

Math x

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