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The Perfect Diwali Gifts

First and foremost, Happy Diwali!

As a creative greatly interested not just photography but fashion too, I’ve come across so many innovative and unique brands, designers and artists. These are two brands that not only pair well together, but are perfect places to buy Diwali gifts from, whilst supporting small female run south Asian brands.

Brands such as Anisha Parmar London (, a UK based jewellery brand that creates handcrafted jewellery for “bold, confident and badass woman”. Parmar’s work is full of distinctive and contemporary pieces that I have never seen before; but what really draws me is the inspiration behind her work. As her jewellery designs are heavily influenced by her family heritage, history and culture. Especially “the story of my family migrating from India, to East Africa and then to the UK, re-imagining their identity in a foreign land.” She creates bespoke pieces based on her dual heritage and identity through finding “beauty in both worlds”.

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Kanyä London (, the brand behind creating the perfect silk “sarees, lehengas and apparel that reinvent South Asian wear to an everyday look”. An aspect that I loved as they intertwine south Asian culture with a westernised take, thus creating pieces that have a traditional twist but also perfect for those with dual identities.

They also encourage and create garments for a “community that embraces multicultural identities as an expression of our interconnected world”, a community I feel is geared towards south Asian woman, something there is never enough of.

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Photography, make up and styling by

Math x

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