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Shoots with Karishma

I reached out to Krishy over Instagram, at a time where she was looking to collaborate with photographers. I thought not only would this be another opportunity to collaborate with a south asian creative, but with someone who is trying to change the negative stigmas centred around skins conditions and being darker skinned in the south Asian community. She creates imaginative and fresh make up looks; whilst ensuring her platform has this community feeling. She creates a space for those who also have skin conditions and believe this awful stigmas that being lighter in the south Asian community is better; a space where she embraces these parts of her beautifully and proudly, in hopes that more and more people going through the same struggles do too. However these aren’t the only controversial topics that touches on, she use has platform to bring attention to the dangers and the concerning demand of whitening creams; as well as bring to light how ‘white-washed’ the Bollywood industry is by only casting south Asians of fair skins tones. She contributes toward changing these negative systems and beliefs for the better.

So far we have collaborated and work together on a few shoots, which always produce beautiful photos. Working with Krishy over these past shoots has meant not only are we helping each other grow, but she’s another south Asian creative who understand the culture, my work and my thinking of south Asian culture from a westernised perspective; something I really value. She understands and works with my creative process and how I wanted to reflect on south Asian culture, whlist she also bring in her amazing make up skills and creative direction too.

I’m so grateful to have met someone who has contributed so much to my photography work but also become a good friend.

Make up// styling by Krishy

Check out more of Krishy’s work on her Instagram:

Photography by me ©

To more and more collaborationes

Math x

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