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Photography Inspiration

Tim Walker

Image from Within you, Without you// Cloud 9 by Tim Walker

Tim Walker has always been a strong inspiration to me and my fashion photography work. Especially seeing this project titled, Within You, Without You in British Vogue. Something that is a big step in terms of representation, particularly representation of dark skinned south Asians in such a world wide publication. This project has done more in terms of authentic representation of south Asian people; compared to the Bollywood industry which is known to constantly use fair skinned actors as the main cast.

To me I know this project as Cloud 9, a project that I was lucky enough and able to see in his exhibition called Wonderful Things, featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum; which is an even greater step in terms of representation of south Asians, especially in an institution that is predominantly white male run. What I love about his creativity, styling and art and take inspiration from, is his fusion and perspective of combining his westernised history with what he has learnt from his journey to India. An method of working that I adapted for my creative method of working.

Oliver Föllmi

Documentary Image by Oliver Föllmi, from Moments of Mindfulness: Indian Wisdom

Oliver Föllmi has been more of a recent influence to me and my fashion photography work; as his take on India, it’s culture and its people differs compared to Walker’s work. He has a more documentary style perspective on such a topic. His take on Indian/ south Asian culture is very different, and I feel has a more authentic representation of the culture compared to Walker’s; which has a more aesthetic pleasing effect whereas Föllmi’s imagery is slightly more genuine.

What I love about this image is the nostalgic, sentimental and relatable effect that it has on me; as it’s remind me of important celebrations that occur in Tamil culture, that celebrate being a south Asian/ Tamil women. For me it’s a key and important image that I have included within my project research, countless times.

Math x

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