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MESA Maximalism: The New Generation

Working with MESA Magazine (a group of creative and hardworking woman) to shine a light of really amazing Middle Eastern and South Asian talents has been a beautiful experience so far, looking forward to sharing more from this shoot!

“THE NEXT GENERATION” - MESA Magazine x Lone Design Club Profiling five pioneering talents across fashion, beauty and music which we will be releasing over the coming weeks.. Presenting: @_prittmusic - Pritt is a South-London raised songstress putting Tamil music on the map. @nooriyah._ - DJ Nooriyah is an Arab music specialist DJ and radio host. @yasitskrishy - Karishma Leckraz is a content creator and eczema awareness campaigner. @efetishism - Efrem Damiani is the Syrian-Italian fashion designer ‘turning Arabs into hoes.'

@rahemurrahman - Rahemur Rahman is an artist, director and sustainable fashion designer platforming Bangladeshi textiles. Team: Art Direction and shoot coordination Kardelen Yuce (@kardelenyuce__ & Armani Syed @armani_sy) Photography by Mathushaa Sagthidas (@mathuxphotos) Videography and BTS Sparsh Ahuja (@photosparsh) Production and Set Charlotte McGing (@charlottemcging) Sound by Hashim Shamsi (@hashim.95) Styling Jahnavi Sharma (@jahnavixi) Styling Assistant Armani Syed (@armani_sy) Words & Interviews Kiran Saggu (@kswaggu) Ketki Mahabaleshwarkar (@ketkimkar) Jeevan Ravindran (@jeevanravindran) Armani Syed (@armani_sy) Kardelen Yuce (@kardelenyuce__) PR Laura McCluskey (@lauramccluskeypr) Hair John Harte (@johnhartehair) Joshua Mascolo (@joshuamascolohair) Make Up Makeup By Agne Didzgalvyte (@agne_did) and Mia Ray (@mia.ray.mua) on behalf of AOFMPro With special thanks to Dave and Sonia at LDC. You can see more of the images here!

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