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DARK SKINNED AND LOVELY - Meet Sonali Sutharsan

This project Dark Skinned and Lovely isn't just about showcasing the beauty of these incredible dark skinned south Asian women, it's also about giving them the chance to tell the world about their lived experience as dark skinned south Asians in western society - meet Sonali Sutharsan.

What does representation mean to you as a dark skinned south Asian women?

"I feel like there are many businesses and people in general claiming that they are representing dark skinned women but fail to convey this. For example, so many fashion businesses have mostly white models. This frustrates me. The same people that are saying there is not enough representation are the same people who have the opportunity to change this but fail to. Why do I hardly see a dark Tamil women on a magazine or being hired as a model? It’s 2021...businesses really need to step up and start involving dark skinned women to feel included."

Growing up in a westernised society....

"Although society has become westernised I really want to showcase my identity as a Tamil women in London through fashion. I want my page to inspire other dark skinned women to also express their identity and not feel ashamed to be dark skinned. I remember a few years ago I hated wearing anything short because my knee was so dark compared to other girls in my school. I have now grown to love my dark skin. I see a lot of other dark skinned women on Instagram feeling confident and beautiful despite being excluded from society. This made me realise we are all in this together and we should feel beautiful regardless of our colour."


Concept: Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos

Creative Directors: Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos

Photographer/ Photo editor: Mathushaa Sagthidas @mathuxphotos

Crowns/ earrings by Anisha Parmar @anishaparmarlondon

Models: Karishma Leckraz @yasitskrishy, Tabitha Mary @tabithamary_, Sheena Akkulugadu @ak_sheena, Sonali Sutharsan @sobarbiee

Make up and hair: By the models

Styled: All of us

Math x


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