A First Gen British photographer with Tamil ethnicity  




Mathushaa Sagthidas is a London based photographer (studied at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL) with interest in fine art, contemporary fashion and styling. Mathushaa’s work often examines her identity - Tamil Eelam ethnicity and British nationality, which is often reflected through traditions, history and strongly by fashion photography. 

Identity, authenticity and representation are important to her because of her parents’ upbringing and experiences during the Sri Lankan civil war, which took place from 1983 to 2009. The history of the war, their own personal suffering and experience led Mathushaa to learn and embrace her ethnic culture, traditions and heritage more and more. As the Tamil people who died due to the war are unable to teach others about Tamil culture and identity, the way she has been taught.

Mathushaa's work has been featured on Campaign Magazine, Graduate Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, House BeautifulThe Rights Collective Brown Bodies Issue 6FAD Charity, UAL PortfolioAnisha Parmar London, MESA MagazineAsian Woman FestivalEqual LensCreative Champs, Shades of NoirRepresentative MediaConnect To: Creative NetworkLone Design ClubSouth Asian Heritage Month, Ruthless Collective, Glass Magazine, BrownGirlMagazineBurnt Roti Magazine, Juice DropletThe Youth Outlook MagazineThe Color Confidential, Hoe ZineSheaker MagazineOriginal MagazineMxogynySouth Asian ArtistsRedefining ConceptsShades of Essence, Fem Fam ZineTheSAFTACThrough Our EyesStare Magazine, Roots JournalSerenity Magazine, Yellow Zine, British Asian Women's MagazineWorking Class CreativesZindabad Zine, DominAsian MagazineSurj Magazine,  Revive Chroniclesfeminismaroundtheworldzine, South Asian Sister Speak, Pardesi Blog, Your Local NewsstandRice & Spice MagazineColorBloc MagazineOneul ZineYoung Creative Indian Space,  Velvet Fields MagazineBolbyanvaTamizh Tales, CandiidYesGurl, AVRA, Fashion Observed, Painted Faces, The Big Sister Journal, Ata Rodo, ASBO Magazine and Antifragile Zine.

Online Exhibitions:

UAL Graduation Online Showcase (June 2021)

Camberwell Residency (June 2021)

Camberwell College of Arts Mycelium show (February 2021)

FAD Charity x Fashion Scout (September 2020)
South Asian Heritage Month 

(September 2020) 

Group Exhibitions:

Juice Magazine Takeover (August 2021)

Photo Fusion UK's Salon 2021 (July - August 2021)

MERAKI, The Old Street Gallery (July 2021)

UAL Graduation Show (June 2021)

Clear Channel Gender Equality Artist-in-Residence Campaign, March 2021

Trapxart London Showcase, January 2020

Southwark Park Galleries Camberwell College of Arts Don’t Panic! show, Lake Gallery, London, January 2020 

Layer’s Online at Htown Studio, 14th June 2019

Love, Love at Willesden Gallery, 8th- 18th May 2019
Nostalgia, A-B Gallery (Camberwell), London, May 2019
Preserved Sentiment, A-B Gallery (Camberwell), London, January 2019

Feel free to check more work on her Instagram.