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Shivani Patel, The Crochet Creative

I met Shivani very briefly at a creative event but, I got to learn about her and her incredible and unique creations, after the first UK lockdown during summer through Sapna (I mention our collaboration in the previous post, feel free to check it out). Since meeting we have collaborated and worked together on many shoots that you see on mine and Shivani’s Instagrams, with Shivani working and multitasking as an insanely talented stylist and working with lighting.

Not only is she an up and coming, hardworking and passionate fashion designer and student, studying fashion design BA at Middlesex; she has also dedicated time to make crochet style clothing, earrings and some cute scrunchies too. For me, shooting her crochet work and brand was something different, as it’s something that I have never seen before. I find that not only are her designs refreshing and amazing but her work ethic and drive is inspiring; it’s one of the many reasons why I love working and collaborating with her. You see more from this shoot on both of our Instagrams.

Crochet Designs// Styling by Shivani

Check out more of Shivani’s work on her Instagram:

Photography by me ©

To more and more collaborations

Math x


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