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Pinterest as stated by Pinterest, is “a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more”; that you are able to save and share through creating various boards with ease. I have been using Pinterest since studying fine art in secondary school, and haven’t stopped since as there so much artistic and creative inspiration and information found on the site. However I was surprised to find out that not all creative use this platform; but as a creative I believe that it is something important to use and have, as it can also track how your creative thinking has developed and grown through visual imagery. It also beneficial to have when planning and collaborating with other creatives, as it’s the perfect place to bring together all your visual inspiration and ideas together in one place, something which you can share between and with others with great ease. I mention and speak about a few of my favourite Pinterest boards that I often refer to for inspiration on my website, in the section Moodboards to concepts:

However especially during the second lockdown, these two boards below were full of images I would constantly refer to for inspiration, as my shoots had to adapt to the circumstances of not being able to work with models. However this was a great opportunity to further improve my still life and product shots photography, as well as my theatrical set up skills for future shoots.

Product Shoot Board:

Still Life Board:

Math x

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