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My take on Bride and Prejudice

Bride and Prejudice released in 2004, is Gurinder Chadha's Bollywood take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; which of course features dancing and singing like most south Asian films. As a south Asian I feel like this is a classic and seen by most of the south Asian community. Purely because Chadha is bringing south Asian culture to Hollywood, something at the time was rarely seen and even today it still shocking when Hollywood do represent south Asians and south Asian culture. Especially when the westernised media platforms are known to unauthentically often portray south Asians negatively through racial stereotypes.

This film is loosely follows the plot of Austen’s book, through touching on one key topic which is marriage. More specifically, arranged marriage which tends to have a negative stigma believed by westernised society; as most tend to confuse arranged marriage and forced marriage as the same thing. When the key difference being arranged marriage is consented for by those taking part whereas forced marriage is not, you see example of this within the film.

Despite this positive contribution, it has finally and rightful come to light that the Bollywood industry doesn’t authentically represent all south Asians, especially those of a darker skin tone. Especially with the power of social media, a realisation and a hashtag #Bollywoodissowhite, has become more noticeable with people within the south Asian community realising that the Bollywood industry preferring actors and actresses, who essentially fit Eurocentric beauty standards. However considering that this film was made over 15 years ago, I’d like to think this will change and become more progressive. Especially when it comes to equal representation of all south Asians of all skin tones, and more specifically by the Bollywood industry, something many south Asians value and look up to.

Imagery credit to creators and producers of Bride and Prejudice.

Math x

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