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Creative Tamil Pages I Love


Tamil Women from Tamil Nadu, India

Photography by Akilan Thyagarajan, featured on Oru Mayil

Check more of Akilan’s work here:

Check more talented Tamil creatives, Tamil culture and history featured on Oru Mayil:

Being a fashion that is strongly inspired and interested in my Tamil heritage and culture, as mentioned before, I found quite hard to find specific creative work and history that is purely just centred around this topic. This is why coming across this page which feature so many aspect of Tamil, has been one of my go-to pages for research, for both my projects and dissertation. For me this page hasn’t just been useful for repute research purpose, but has also brought my attention to many Tamil owned brands, creatives and inspiration, whilst taking me through nostalgic and sentimental memories of my childhood through Tamil music and films; something that was very prominent and important in my childhood.


Recreating a wedding from almost 60 years ago.

Check more of Athreya’s work here:

Check more talented Tamil creatives, Tamil culture and history featured on Tamil Culture:

Both of these pages have grown authentically through bring more an more genuine representation to the Tamil people, cultural and lifestyle, whilst using their platform to help many Tamil creatives, speakers and brand grow. This is why these pages are and constant strong references within my creative projects and past shoots. The Tamil Culture page is centred more around stories of Tamil people and they work they are doing within and outside of the south Asian countries. However I chose to feature this particular image, purely because of the story behind it, which is beautiful.

Math x

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