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Capturing Self Love

“I’d realised that we give our physical appearance such a hard time, when it’s going through its process of growing and healing. And this is due to social media pressure”

Kiru (quotes by her), another Tamil creative but also influencer beautifully breaking beauty standards.

“I want to show people the importance of being raw on social media and that you will not be defined as ‘ugly’ for having acne or scarring”

Most companies within fashion and beauty industry project this unrealistic and over edited idea of looking and being flawless - forgetting that being raw and real is true beauty.

“Some people are blessed with ‘perfect’ skin but for others who go through things such as acne, please don’t give yourself or your body a hard time”

This idea of having perfect, glass and texture free skin is a very very rare reality for most people; but yet that is what has become normalised. The power of retouching photos and being able to so easily get rid of ‘imperfections’ can be so toxic, which is why I refuse to do it - it’s simply not reality.

Read more about Kiru's story here!

Photography by Mathushaa Sagthidas © @mathuxphotos

Model @k.i.r.u_ 🌟

Make up by @vashanthiya@clondesigns 💄

Assisted by 💫

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