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Collaborative Projects

I briefly refer to the importance of collaborative projects in a previous blog post titled, “My Industry Experiences”, but I want to this opportunity to talk about my personal experiences with collaborative work in greater detail. Here are some images of my work, that I have created from collaborating and networking with other talented creatives.


Image for Khaosgramz by me ©

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Image from Redefining Concepts Walk by me ©

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I find the collaboration is a very important tool and skill to have, especially when planning to work in the industry, as team management and work is very key skill that is often required by many creative jobs. Of course with collaborations there are struggles and upsides; struggles such as creative differences and planning. For me personally I have been lucky enough to not deal or face these struggles when collaborating. With Redefining Concepts, I enjoyed this event as it was an opportunity to bring together various talented creatives with different creative backgrounds across London; whereas my collaboration with Khaosgramz gave my the opportunity to incorporate my own creative fashion photography style within the brand. Both experiences differ in term how we collaborated; however they both gave me the opportunity to keep growing, meeting and networking with other creatives. Building relationships with various different creative people is very important, as it shows the industry your ability to collaborative with people as well showing people the brands and platforms you’ve worked with.

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