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Tate Collective: Finding Home

An open call that led to being exhibited at Tate Britain...

"To celebrate the opening of the upcoming Life Between Islands exhibition, we're inviting Tate Collective to respond to the theme of ‘home’."

I respond to this call out with a piece that is a strong reflection on where I stand with my Tamil - British Identity as well as my mother's history and journey to London and how she made this unexpected part of her life, home.

Referring to my mum's strength and resilience of her journey from Jaffna to London with some really precious and sentimental objects of her legacy, with some glimpses in her life in Jaffna.

To have a little bit my family history // TAMIL history in such a well known establishment means so much; especially being an artist that always struggled to find Tamil art in established place such as Tate.

Finding Home display at Late at Tate Britain: Life Between Islands showcased on and until 3rd - 5th December 2021

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