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BBH's Unsigned - Class of 2021

"Unsigned was something that was started within BBH to help launch upcoming unsigned artists, photographers and illustrators and create exhibitions/zines to feature them and help raise their profile throughout the industry." - Daisy King, Art Director/ Designer

Honoured and grateful to have been apart of this year BBH Global/ BBH London Unsigned event. This incredible event gave me the chance to meet some really talented creatives in the industry, whilst giving me the space to talk about various project I've created since the start of the pandemic.

Images are from various projects - Dark Skinned Representation, Still Life series, Celebrating South Asian Hair, மரபுகள் meaning “Traditions” and வயதுவரும் meaning "Coming of Age" from my தமிழ்மகளிர் தின வாழ்த்துக்கள் meaning "Happy Tamil Women’s Day" project!

"Six of London’s top creative agencies have united to form a collective that works with, celebrates and supports underrepresented creators. The Unsigned Union will champion emerging artists - from photographers and directors through to animators and illustrators - and provide them with access and opportunities within the advertising world. This will include a year round programme of exhibitions, talks and events, as well as mentorship programmes and support." - LBB

"Mother, Wieden + Kennedy London, New Commercial Arts, Lucky Generals and Leo Burnett have joined a scheme started by BBH London that works with, celebrates and supports underrepresented creators." - Creative Salon

Stephen Ledger-Lomas, head of production at BBH, said: “We started Unsigned with the singular ambition of putting diverse talent on the radar. We wanted to look outside of the traditional channels and bring the most exciting emerging talent into the spotlight. Unsigned has now expanded its reach with the formation of a broader Unsigned Union, which aims to dismantle some of the barriers which have prevented us from moving forward collectively as an industry.” - More About Advertising // Campaign Live

Image shot by Kieron Rennie

Math x

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